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Start competing against other players in the region, climb on the TFL ladder and gain points for your ranking



What is it

  • No direct elimination like other tournaments. 

  • A system to rank a group of players. 

  • Challenge other players in the ladder whenever and wherever you want.

  • Move up or down the ladder based on your match results.


  • Our latest ladder starts on January 15th 2020 and will end on the 13th of June where an ending ceremony will be hosted.

  • Players challenge each other to a match in order to move up or down the ladder.

  • Players are to organize these matches in their own time bringing their own equipment.

  • TFL can also link two players up if needed in case some players aren't already in touch. 

  • Players are encouraged not to refuse challenges, if a player continually refuses challenges, they will be moved down one position on the ladder ranking for each refusal.

  • At the end of the ladder competition, the champion will be the player on top of the ladder list. The top three players will also be promoted and the bottom three players relegated.

How to play

  • Schedule your match with other ladder players.

  • A one hour court booking should allow you to play a one-set match format. A two-hour booking should allow you to play a standard, best of three set format with a super tie break replacing the third set.

  • TFL is in line with the International Tennis Federation rules and code of conduct which requires sportsmanship and fair-play during all games.

  • Each player must come to the match with a new can of four balls. Players will then only open one can to play the match. The winner gets to go home with the unopened new can of balls and the loser will keep the used balls.

  • The court fees if any should be equally split.

  • TFL will not provide ball boys for ladder matches. 

  • TFL will not provide referees, players are to keep score and decide whether the ball is in or out or if any fault has been made.

  • Once the match is completed, both players should inform TFL of the result. The TFL team will then update the ladder placements accordingly.

  • There is no maximum or limitation of the number of matches you choose to play, the more you play, the more chances you give yourself to improve your ranking.

  • In case of an injury, the player should contact TFL. Their ranking will then be blocked for a maximum of one month. After the month, their position will drop one spot per week. It is impossible for an injured player to finish as number 1, if this happens, they will automatically be moved to the fourth place in the ladder.

Get your license

  • To sign up to the ladder, you will first need to get a TFL license.

  • Please click the yellow button below for more info on how to get your license.

Get started

  • Once you have your license, please click on the yellow contact us button below and fill out the form with your info.

  • There is a 900,000 VND fee for signing up for the ladder tournament.

  • Paying this fee will register you to the ladder from the day of the payment until the last day of matches, the 10th of June.

  • It will also give you access to all the contact information to other players to help organize your games. TFL can also assist you in organizing these games.

  • The TFL Ladder chapter one will finish with an ending ceremony on the 13th of June 2020. Make sure to come, and good luck!

TFL Ladder rankings 

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