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"A friendly team competition for friendly tennis people"

Join one of Tennis Fans League’s four divisions composed of teams from six to twelve players.  

TFL Team league

What it is

  • Saigon's Tennis Fans League is the first team tennis competition in Vietnam that aims to create a tennis competition platform for all tennis fans in the region.

  • All players regardless of nationality, age, and gender can join to play our friendly non-professional competition.

Register your team

  • To play in the competition, players must set up a team from 6 to 12 players.

  • Players from all genders and ages are welcomed.

  • The roster must show the list of players signed up on the team ordered from the best player on top and going down from there until the 12th spot.

  • The team must have a team captain to communicate with the board of the league. The captain should pass on any information regarding the league to their teammates.

Fair-play International rules

  • No official chair umpire or ball boys

  • Fair play is our top priority. The league is for players to have fun, build a social network all while being competitive.

  • The players in the game are in charge of deciding whether the ball is in or not. No spectator or teammate has any say. 

  • However, a referee will be present close to the court to make a decision in case a dispute happens between players.

  • Sportsmanship: players are responsible for their behavior court and must behave appropriately. Point penalties will be enforced for any kind of profanity, racket abuse and/or inappropriate conduct.

  • Players from the same team are allowed to coach their players during side changes. No coaching is allowed by any other individual around the court, and no coaching during the games.

Contact us: for more information about the tournament organization and affiliate your tournament to TFL rating system.​

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