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Join one of our tournaments and improve your rating!

Our tournaments are open to eveyone.  

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Why should you compete with us?

All our TFL tennis tournaments are run at the lowest cost possible, this is why there are no referees and no ballboys during the matches.


We aim to organize many tournaments in order to make tennis fans compete more and improve their game.


With a real competitive structure and regular official matches, players can set goals and work towards reaching them as they improve from match to match.


Players can continually compete to improve their rating throughout the year. 

TFL code of conduct

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All tennis players and fans need to have good sportsmanship conduct and be fair-play on our tennis courts!

During our tournaments, players can enjoy playing a real best of three-set matches with regular advantage scoring.


We offer tennis fans the chance to have a feel of what it takes to play a real tennis match, in terms of mental toughness, tactical awareness, physical abilities, stamina and strength

We host a unique Open men singles tournament which means any male player starting from 12 years old can join. This gives players the opportunity to compete against a wide range of players varying in experience and skill. We also host limited level tournaments meant for lower level players where they have a higher chance of lifting a trophy!


Finally, all of our tournaments follow the Tennis ITF standard rules.



Tournaments calendar (2020 season):

Notice: All tournaments are on standby and will be delayed due to the Covid-19 situation


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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